GladiatAir 68ci Carbon Fibre “Dumpy” HPA Tank w/Gladiatair 4.5k Regulator


The Carbon Fibre paintball tank series is made with an aluminium core and wrapped in carbon fibre to produce a lighter weight tank than the aluminium tanks. They are designed for high-pressure filling of compressed air.

First Strike Hero 4.5K paintball regulators offer position and output adjust-ability.  Rapid recharge rates and dual burst disc safety.  A perfect partner for all Paintball Tanks, especially Carbon Fibre ones.

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The C68D, A.K.A “Dumpy”, has a wider and shorter shape in comparison with the regular 68 ci, capable of holding up to 4500psi in pressure

Gladiator Air Tank Specs

  • Globally certified enabling use in New Zealand
  • Infinite Lifetime, this HPA tank last your entire playing lifetime, then can be re-sold to another player
  • High Standard, manufactured from Quality materials to the highest international Standards
  • Service pressure of up to 4500psi
  • Fits in most backpacks


Gladiatair 4.5k Regualtor Specifications:

  • The WarriAir Paintball regulators from GladiatAir are a stylish matte black colour and incorporate a number of features to provide a high level of performance and reliability.

    The WarriAir paintball regulator is pre-set with a standard output within the 700 – 900 PSI range. By removing 2 disc springs, output pressure range can be reduced to 400 – 600 PSI.

    The 3000 PSI Reg has a slightly larger gauge than the industry standard, so it is easier to read the pressure.

    The 4500 PSI Reg has a flow restrictor on the inlet supply (cylinder to reg) to reduce the chance of blowing the low pressure burst disc.

    Both paintball regulators are fitted with a filter on the filling adapter to reduce the amount of dirt that gets into the tank, which should prevent problems associated with the paintball regulator not sealing due to particles on the sealing edge and burst discs rupturing.

    The 3000 PSI Reg is fitted with a 4.5K PSI Burst Disc and the 4,500 PSI Reg is fitted with a 6.7K PSI Burst Disc. In accordance with best global practice and AS/NZ Standards burst disc pressure should be equal or below cylinder test pressure. WarriAir paintball regulators comply with the test pressure requirements on GladiatAir Paintball cylinders.

    Body height of regulator is approx 40mm – please refer to last image for clarification.




Product Code Description Test Service Water Diameter Length Weight
Pressure PSI Pressure PSI Capacity ci Capacity ltr mm mm KG
C68D  68ci Dumpy Carbon Fibre paintball tank without regulator 6750 4500 68 1.1 109 225 1.0


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