GEOFFS™ SUPER PRECISION™ AIRSOFT BB’s are some of the most high quality bb’s on the market, designed for the most precise shooting in mind, where accuracy & consistency are everything.

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GEOFFS™ SUPER PRECISION™ BBs are one of THE MOST recommended brands of BB for any serious sniper who demands only the most reliable, consistent and precise shot.

Super Precision BB:

  • SUPER High Gloss
  • SUPER Sphericity
  • SUPER Balance
  • SUPER Tough
  • SUPER Slick
  • Diameter: 5.95mm +/- .01 Tolerances
  • Perfect Ball bearing quality design
  • Polished to absolute perfection, some of the highest reviewed, top quality BBs on the market.


Heavier BB Weight Advantages:

  • Range – heavier BBs retain more consistent velocity or longer distances
  • Accuracy – can hold tighter grouping for longer and is less affected by wind.
  • Hits harder and transfers more energy to target
  • Ideal for higher FPS (Feet per Second) Airsoft Guns


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