F.L.T. Airsoft CNC Machined Bushings

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F.L.T. bushings are CNC machined from high-speed steel and burnished in a vibratory tumbler to eliminate any peaks or high spots that may cause damage to gear axles. These new F.L.T. bushings also have the gear axle openings reamed. The bushings are porous on the outside but smooth on the inside, which allows for smooth gear axle operation and better adhesion if the user wants to glue the bushings into a gearbox shell. The manufacturing process is superior to the standard sintering or PIM process that most Airsoft bushings undergo.Most bushings on the market have an HRC of 25-35. These F.L.T. bushings have a Rockwell hardness of 50-55. These bushings also have a low profile to allow for proper gear clearance and shimming.

In addition, the bushings are coated in silicone oil to prevent rusting during shipment and storage. Please note that this oil is not intended to be used as a lubricant. Remove the silicone oil during installation and use a lubricating grease instead.

These new F.L.T. bushings have the openings reamed. There is some surface oxidation due to handling and does not hinder performance. A high-quality grease is recommended for these bushings.

These bushings are recommended, especially for those running high-stress builds.

Flange Thickness: 0.56mm

Overall Thickness: 2.0mm

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  1. Dean Statham (verified owner)

    Not used yet. But will be great.

  2. Barry Keane (verified owner)

    My favourite bushes, high quality finish and fit really well in most gearboxes. The thin flange means they make shimming easier on tighter gearboxes, gears run smoothly and bushes are solid.

    Image #1 from Barry Keane
  3. Nigel (verified owner)

    Awesome service and quick delivery as per usual.

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