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Quote Number QUO-0022
Quote Date November 20, 2023
Valid Until December 20, 2023
Total $967.86
Billing address
Ben Jenkins
58 wintour road
Waimauku 0812

Quote below is a full build of your AEG to top tier specication


  • Initial strip down & inspection to determine nothing else is required, gearbox clean etc.
  • Full Internal build with Semi auto gameplay in mind (FPS 385-390 w.2g BB with hop set)
  • High speed gears shimmed to Brushless motor
  • Perun Hybrid mosfet install
  • All compression parts replaced for more reliable stronger parts
  • Bearings replaced for unbreakable F.L.T bushings
  • Accuracy tuning to get the most out of current barrel (extending barrel into silencer would become a accuracy loss)
  • Bucking/Nub replacement
  • Barrel clean & Inspection
  • Modifcation to gearbox for reliability
  • Grip replacement, Krytac grips do crack and the angle of the grip never allows to quiet gear operation


NOTE - Lead time for build to begin is currently 4 weeks from date quote being accepted/gun being dropped off

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