Quote Number QUO-0017
Quote Date September 3, 2023
Valid Until October 3, 2023
Total $1,383.42
Billing address
Ashton Kuzimski-Ball
59 Barrys Road
Auckland 0602

**Added Warhead 35k motor, F.L.T bushing set, ZC 9t Pinion & shims to re-shim correctly**

SD6 Build

Factory parts kept as are perfectly good

  • 13:1 Gear set
  • 15t steel piston
  • CNC Piston head (Silent type)
  • CNC Cylinder Head
  • Tappet Plate
  • 8mm Bearings
  • HT Motor
  • Spring Guide

Parts replaced are listed below

Timeframe allows for

  • Gearbox build with replacement parts including re-shim
  • Barrel/bucking install + testing
  • Trigger mod for short sharp trigger (gold trigger out of stock also M4 style trigger is to short to properly suit the Mp5 system)

Target FPS - 340FPS w/.2g BB

Tracer unable to be modded to suit SD6 suppressor system

Current wait time from quote deposit - 4 weeks

Labor Fee - 4Hrs:$230.00
Total:$1,383.42 (includes $180.45 GST)

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