Invoice Number INV-0011
Invoice Date July 6, 2020
Total Due $701.00
Gareth Brown


  • Carry out installation of F2 unit into AUG body
  • Removed AUG HC gearbox and left untouched
  • Installed F2 in CYMA gearbox, installed Lonex AK trigger & modified trigger to work with AUG trigger system
  • Installed 487mm ZC Airsoft Inner Barrel with Prometheus Purple bucking.
  • Carry out setup of F2 with Redline SFR regulator, setup for .3g bb and FPS at 400 w/.2g bb
  • Upon testing found FPS and accuracy inconsistent, found AUG nozzle to be to short creating air seal issue's (400FPS on 120psi)
  • For quicker turn around time had longer F2 nozzle machined down to correct length to suit gearbox/hop up assembly
  • Installed & tested - now OK 400FPS on 80psi

Perform range test - OK

  • Original motor cage had to be re-used,
  • AUG is semi only would require additional work to get Full Auto operating




Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
3 Labour
2 Nano-tech 700mah Batteries
1 Machining of Nozzle
1 487mm ZC Inner Barrel
1 Prometheus Purple bucking
1 Lonex AK Trigger
1 Cyma AK gearbox shell
1 Redline SFR Regulator
1 Polarstar 42" Braided Air Line
1 Gun Side HPA Connector $25.00$25.00
Sub Total $701.00
Tax $0.00
Discount -$0.00
Total Due $701.00