TITAN 3000Mah Li-Ion 11.1v Nunchuck w/Deans

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Voltage: 11.1v

Capacity: 3000mAh

Connector:T-Plug (Deans)

Style: Nunchuck

C Rating: 16C (equivalent of a 1600mAh 30C

Is this enough? Why C rating is only half the equation.


Size: 19.5mm (0.77in) thick, 132mm (5.2in) long

Learn how to charge a Titan Pack onYouTube


No Puff

Titan Power batteries will never puff and become unsafe, like lipos will that have been either neglected or simply aged over time.


No Memory

Titan Power batteries can be charged from empty or nearly full without damaging the battery. Even if your battery gets low and your device cannot cycle, the battery is still within safe operating ranges and can be charged safely back to 100%.


More Power

Beginning in 2020, the Titan Power product line outperforms ALL airsoft batteries, with the same or higher rate of fire, and the same or greater trigger response, when comparing like voltage and similar size.


More Capacity

Titan Power batteries can store on average 2-5 times the energy of other airsoft batteries, keeping you in the game longer.


No Fade / Lasts Forever

Titan Power batteries can hold a charge for months and still be ready to use on game day. An extreme example is a pack used for testing, charged in 2012, which still holds 88% of its life in 2018. These packs can also be charged over 300 times and still store 80% of its original capacity.


Warrantied and Guaranteed

Titan Power will beat your old battery, or your money back. Product claims sound too good to be true? Titan Power is the only company that backs all airsoft products with a 1 year warranty.


The only airsoft battery made in the USA with a one year warranty. Titan Power packs have the performance, high capacity, and reliability needed to make your battery a part of your kit- not a consumable. Patriotically rapid innovation with strict quality assurance bring airsoft players a power solution that needs very little attention to maintain a long life of use. The American team of owners, engineers, and production employees love airsoft, and hope that passion shines brightly through each product.

15 reviews for TITAN 3000Mah Li-Ion 11.1v Nunchuck w/Deans

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  1. Rhys L. (verified owner)

    Great fast service , no issues , A+

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Titan batteries are next level

  3. Sadique Anam (verified owner)

    The best lithium ion battery in the market and quite a competitive price .

  4. Dion C. (verified owner)

    Very good battery

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Titan battery are great no matter what. Different plugs would be a great option

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fits perfect to my gun. Nice

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent battery for my out of the box Krytac! Definitely recommend!

  8. Kerehama W. (verified owner)

    This is the way!!

    Works amazing, last forever and fits in everyone of my rear wired builds. Highly Recommend this battery!!!!

  9. Michael (verified owner)

    Perfect for someone who forgets to discharge their batteries!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    works well, lasts ages

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    works great, no puff worries

  12. John (verified owner)

    Only used them once so far but worked well

  13. markjbaker (verified owner)

    Fits a CMF 16 stock perfectly. Increased rof on full auto from 23 to 26 RPS when compared to a standard 800mah 20c LiPo. Excellent battery.

  14. Andre Moore (verified owner)

    Item received

  15. Ashley (verified owner)

    Bought as a bundle with the AEG, perfect size pairing for the stock. Fits like a glove.

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    Image #2 from Ashley
    Image #3 from Ashley

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