Redline Mini SFR Regulator (Stand Alone without Line)

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The Mini SFR is Redline Airsoft’s new HPA regulator. The Mini SFR has the exact same performance and features as the class leading standard SFR regulator, but in a smaller package.

The main change is that the UFA has been eliminated and the tank now screws directly into the bottom of the regulator. The regulator is only 2.8 inches tall, with the hose output now on the side rather that the top.

Just like the standard SFR before it, the Mini SFR is a fully balanced regulator. Why is having a balanced regulator important in Airsoft?

Unbalanced regulators are subject to what is known as the “supply pressure effect.” That means an unbalanced regulators output pressure is affected by changes to its input pressure.

Unbalanced regulators can have a very large pressure change as their supply tank empties. This can cause a velocity to drop as the supply tanks pressure drops.

Since the Mini SFR is balanced, its output pressure is unaffected by changes to its input pressure. That means even as the tank empties, the Mini SFR’s output pressure, and therefore the guns velocity, will remain unchanged. This allows you to shoot the air tank virtually empty with no performance decrease. Effectively giving you more shots per tank.

The SFR and the Mini SFR are the only fully balanced regulators sold for Airsoft use.

12 reviews for Redline Mini SFR Regulator (Stand Alone without Line)

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  1. Ben Stanley (verified owner)

    CONS: The refresh rate is great but let me explain my grype with this. Once the triggers is pulled the psi drops by abour 10-15psi and when firing fast on semi and using full auto, stays at this lower psi until you give the regulator half a seccond to stabilise. I further tested this and put my p* up to 25 rps and the psi drop and refresh rate remained at the same previous consistency. PROS: The regulator size is compact. Regulator is easily adjusted and competition lockable.

    OTHER: I am yet to play a long game with this regulator to the point my bottle is getting low to test the low pressure balancing it claims to have.
    Overall a great product 9/10

  2. Joshua Abraham (verified owner)

    Love it

  3. Joshua Abraham (verified owner)

    Performs excellent

  4. Alex Theart (verified owner)

    Great for price

  5. tarks paps (verified owner)

    Work a treat hasn’t failed yet

  6. Tristan (verified owner)

    works well and the refresh rate works well with pistols and shotguns

  7. Tim Blair (verified owner)

    so far so good

  8. Jasper Mooney (verified owner)


  9. Jackson Hope (verified owner)

    Great product,
    works a dream

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    easy to use, good quality

  11. Casey (verified owner)

    New to HPA, working very well

  12. Michael B. (verified owner)

    One of the best regulators on the market. Absolutely phenomenal.

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