PTS Dead Air Sandman – L (Mock Suppressor/ Tracer Version)



Dead Air Silencers was founded by firearms industry veterans in 2014 and has been a leading innovator in the suppressor industry ever since. Staying true to their mission statement “No Quarter”, Dead Air focuses on bringing the best materials, designers, and manufacturing techniques to the market. This “Never Settle” attitude has led to some of the most sought-after products and accessories to date and solidifying Dead Air Silencers as the premier manufacturer of the “Finest Instruments of Silence”™ .

The PTS Dead Air Sandman airsoft silencers and muzzle devices are precision made to faithfully replicate Dead Air Silencer products under official license.  The PTS version of the Dead Air Keymo mount system allows for tool-less rapid quick attachment and detachment of the mock suppressor and ensures secure precision mounting.  The PTS Dead Air suppressors are constructed from 6000 series aluminum and are available in multiple lengths – short K length, S length, long L length – and colors – Black and FDE – and will be available either as a mock suppressor or a tracer unit.
A compatible steel alloy PTS Dead Air Keymo Flash Hider will be included with each silencer.  The PTS Dead Air Keymo Flash Hider and Dead Air Keymo Muzzle Brake will also be available for sale separately as standalone accessories.

The PTS Dead Air Tracer version includes a rechargeable drop-in tracer module that is compatible with red or green glow in the dark tracer bb’s.   The Dead Air Sandman Tracer also features an open style end cap so that the tracer flash can simulate a muzzle flash when firing.  If this feature is not preferred, the enclosed standard R-series front cap can be purchased separately.

Operating the tracer unit is easy—simply press the same button for both turning it on and off. A flashing green light indicates that it is on, while no light signifies that it is off. This design allows users to focus on aiming without worrying about the tracer unit turning off on its own, as is the case with units featuring an auto power off function. The unit itself can be easily dropped into most airsoft suppressors or barrel extensions with an inner diameter greater than 32mm and a length greater than 48.6mm.


  • Sandman-L: Mock Suppressor
    1. PTS Dear Air Sandman x 1pc
    2. PTS Dead Air Keymo Flash Hider (CCW) x 1pc
    3. PTS Mock Suppressor Spacer x 10 set(s)
    4. DA Cover x 1pc
  • Sandman-L: Tracer Version
    1. Tracer Unit x 1pc
    2. PTS Dear Air Sandman x 1pc
    3. PTS Dead Air Keymo Flash Hider (CCW) x 1pc
    4. PTS Mock Suppressor Spacer x 7 set(s)
    5. DA Tracer Cover x 1pc
    6. DA Cover x 1pc


PTS Tracer Unit User Manual


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