PolarStar F2 Nozzle #2 for G&G AK, G&P M249, and E1 TFB MP5-A4


The PolarStar #2 F2 Nozzle is an HPA nozzle made from a high quality metal material for the PolarStar F2 so that you can retro fit your F2 into an G&G AK, G&P M249/MK46, or ECHO 1 TFB MP5-A4 platform.  This nozzle is also available in the event you need to replace your damaged nozzle.

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Rifle Compatibility:

  • G&G AK
  • Tokyo Marui AK
  • G&P M249 / MK46
  • Echo1 TFB MP5-A4
  • CYMA MP5

System to be used on: PolarStar F2

Nozzle Number: 2

Please take a look at the following compatibility chart from PolarStar Airsoft to see which nozzle is right for you! You can see a complete list below.  As you will notice, some nozzles are interchangeable between different Airsoft guns and brands.  Simply look at the model and manufacturer of your gun and you can see which nozzle will work for which system. This PolarStar Nozzle Chart will be continually changing through the future as new models are created.


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