Lonex TITAN A2 Motor (Short)


The Lonex TITAN A2 Motor which is designed for added torque. The A2 motor is similar to the A1 but has more torque at the expense of a little speed. Lonex Motors have a good reputation for performance in SSG builds and running cool under load.

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In my personal opinion, the best thing about these TITAN motors is their superior armature design. Unlike other companies which use epoxy to balance their motors, Lonex uses precise concave drilled holes for the best balance possible. Lonex armatures also use Silicon steel sheets for the best electromagnetic conductivity. Also, the wire that is used for the armature windings is enameled and can withstand heat up to 200C — although I’ve never heard of a Lonex motor getting even close to that temperature.

Lonex also uses plastic retaining rings instead of metal. This reduces the chances of shorting and motor failure. All of these TITAN motors come with beautiful packaging and a data sheet for reference.

Overall, this motor is a great choice for users who want good performance in SSG builds.


Wire thickness of 0.80mm
15 turns per armature (TPA)


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