Lonex Enhanced 8mm Version 3 Gearbox


If your looking for a strong, robust gearbox with very good tolerances, and the adaptability to fit almost any upgrade part, The Lonex gearbox shell is my preferred and most airsoft mechanics preferred gearbox. The shell is made of a Die cast zinc alloy that is much more durable than your standard gearbox shell

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The Lonex gearbox already comes complete with Lonex 8mm Bearings, a Lonex V3 Tappet plate
Stock Gearboxes tend to crack under stress, and I have never seen that problem with a Lonex shell. However, I do still recommend a Sorbothane buffer for even further stress mitigation, and for the extreme builds raduising the front cylinder edges will also prevent cracks under high stress.

  • This V3 Gearbox is outfitted with:Lonex 8mm Bearings
    Lonex Reinforced Nylon V3 Tappet
    Lonex V3 Gearbox screws
  • Lonex V3 top gearbox plate

Overall, this is a very high quality Gearbox shell at an affordable price.


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