Guarder SP120 Full Tune-Up Kit for M4 Series Airsoft AEG


Full rebuild kit from Guarder, if your looking to quickly rebuild a gearbox with parts you know will work perfectly together and will provide a very reliable platform this Guarder rebuild kit is for you

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Guarder SP120 Full Tune-Up Kit for Tokyo Marui M4-A1 Series.

• SP120 Spring (Oil Quenched/Tempered Si-Cr Alloy Steel Wire)
• Polycarbonate Piston
• Air Seal Nozzle
• Ball Bearings Spring Guide
• Polycarbonate Ventilation Piston Head
• Stainless Cylinder Head
• Lucid Chromium Plating Cylinder
• Original 18:1 Type Steel Gear
• Enhanced Tappet
• 6mm Steel Bushing
• Shim Set
• Teflon Grease


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